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The all inclusive solution

A Gold Service Contract will give you the highest level of protection against unplanned stops, and an assurance that your bus or coach is always in mint condition. All at a monthly cost, either fixed or per kilometre. The contract includes full preventive maintenance and repairs of chassis, driveline and body. You are also offered optional extensions to the contract to include maintenance of auxiliary equipment.

Ultimate uptime protection


Ultimate uptime protection

Volvo’s Gold Contract means peace of mind. Meticulous maintenance keeps your vehicle on the road and productive. And should repairs be needed, Volvo’s expert technicians will bring it back to mint condition. So, your passenger will always experience a fresh, reliable and comfortable journey.

Repairs included

The Gold Contract, gives maximum reassurance, reliability and uptime. It includes all necessary repairs of driveline chassis and body. The coverage does not include damage caused by incorrect or careless handling of the vehicle.

• Engine

• Transmission

• Drive unit

• Electronics

• Brake system

• Wheel suspension

• Steering

• Chassis, springs, shock absorbers and wheels

• Body

Preventive maintenance

The maintenance programme includes over a hundred checks. In addition to the computer assisted diagnostics, your vehicle is visually inspected by a Volvo expert. The preventive maintenance covers the following areas:

• Lubrication, oil and fluids level check

• Brake system check

• Check of controls and driver’s station

• External functional check

• Engine compartment

• Front suspension

• Steering gear

• Check underneath the vehicle

• Road test

Tailor your contract

In addition to what’s included in the service contract you can choose from a range of valuable options. The exact list of actions can be adjusted according to your needs. Please contact your Volvo representative for further information.

• Legal inspection

• Delivery/pick-up from workshop

• Repairs outside normal working hours

• National roadside assistance

• International roadside assistance

• Replacement of wiper blades, bulbs and fuses

• Topping up of oil, coolant and antifreeze

• Repairs of non-standard fitted components, such as accessories, audio/video, coffee machines etc.

• Maintenance of additional equipment

Vehicles with non-Volvo body

Vehicles with non-Volvo body

Of course, there are Gold contracts also for buses and coaches with a body from third-party bodybuilders. Maintenance, driveline and vehicle repairs are included, the only exceptions are body parts, such as doors, hatches and panels.


There’s more information to be found. Use the links to download the documents.

Fact Sheet Gold(PDF, 1.4 MB)

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