Safety Zones



Staying within the limits

Driving carefully is the best general safety action. To help your drivers to follow regulations you can define zones with a firm maximum speed. Inside the zone, the vehicle simply cannot exceed the preset level.


A matter of speed

Speed is a contributing factor in many accidents. The laws of physics show that when speed doubles the braking distance is four times longer and the crash violence is four times greater. It’s easy to see that keeping speed down is a principal safety factor. And in your depot, restricted speed can reduce accidental damage to panels, lights, and rear-view mirrors.


Create and manage safety zones

Volvo Safety Zones is a refinement of geofencing technology where we add intelligence and  functionality to the vehicle. It is created in the Fleet Management user interface. You simply set the borders of a zone and set the maximum speed you want to permit. Areas close to schools and public parks are obvious applications, but so too hazardous stretches of road. And you can create as many zones you like.


Safety zones explained

Safety zones reduce the risk for accidents, injuries and damage.


There’s more information to be found. Use the links to download the documents.

Fact sheet Zone management(PDF, 3.6 MB)
coaching zones

Coaching zones

Volvo Coaching Zones is an added function to the game-changing Volvo I-Coaching service. By defining coaching zones you can fine-tune the feedback to your drivers and help them take extra care on demanding road stretches.

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environmental zones

Environmental zones

A special service for electric hybrid buses. With Environmental Zones you can specify a zone in which your buses will run in full electric mode, switching off the diesel engine. Zero emission zoning can help operators contribute to urban planning goals of clean and green cities.

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