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Coach your drivers

Coaching Zones is a refinement of I-Coaching, Volvo’s game-changing service for instant feedback on driving style. For a defined area you can set specific threshold values for the alerts. By restricting parameters like speed, cornering and braking in a sensitive area, the driver will be encouraged to drive more gently. You can define as many zones as you wish, anywhere you want.


Active driving support

Once you have experienced Volvo I-Coaching you don’t want to be without it. And with Coaching Zones the improvements just keep coming. Skilled drivers certainly know how to drive comfortably and efficiently but the instant feedback from Coaching Zones and I-Coaching has nevertheless proven to make good drivers even better.

Staying at ease

On a meandering mountain road, it can be very helpful to receive alerts even at low-level lateral forces. Tight corners can be perceived as frightening by your passengers, and making a zone specific setting of the I-Coaching will result in gentler progress and passengers feeling more at ease.

Enhanced comfort

In areas with stop-and-go traffic, and with many standing passengers, acceleration and braking can become inconvenient. A zone with a lower setting for these parameters will result in a smoother ride and happier passengers.

Reducing emissions

Excessive idling gives unnecessary emissions. I-Coaching warns for this after a defined time. But in sensitive areas, the Coaching Zone service lets you reduce the idling time down to 1 minute before the alert is displayed. 

i coaching

Volvo I-Coaching

Volvo I-Coaching is a very direct, and thus efficient, tool for improving driver performance. Instant feedback on vital driving parameters help professional drivers to adopt a more smoother, more efficient driving style. 

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coaching zone

I-Coaching and Coaching Zones Explained

These services give immediate and lasting effects. How it works? 


There’s more information to be found. Use the links to download the documents.

Fact sheet Zone management(PDF, 3.6 MB)

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Driver training

Even the best can get better. Studies show that driver training can give 5–7% extra in long term fuel savings. And a more conscious driving style also result in reduced wear and tear, as well as a more pleasant ride for your passengers.

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safety zone

Safety zones

Volvo Safety Zones lets you define your own areas where particularly careful driving is required. In such a zone, the vehicles speed is limited to a value you decide. For example when passing by schools, hospitals or any area where other road users come close to the bus or coach route.

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