Driving skills boost productivity

I-Coaching assists the driver to drive more economically, safely and in a way that increases passenger comfort. Through instant feedback, the effect of driving behaviour is shown in real time. As an operator you have control over how your vehicles are utilised, with indications of which improvements can be made to reduce fuel consumption as well as wear and tear.

• Increased fuel efficiency • Increased uptime • Improved passenger comfort • Reduced service and maintenance costs • More motivated drivers • Reduced administration

Instant driver feedback

I-Coaching is the driver’s display, easily visible while driving. It provides instant feedback when one or more of the six parameters are exceeded: Revving (rpm), Idling (hh:mm:ss), Braking (m/s2), Acceleration (m/s2), Speed (km/h) and Curving (m/s2).

Statistics and follow-up

The driving parameters are logged and summarised in reports in the Fleet Management portal. Thestatistics clearly show if there is a need for adjustment of the driving style. With driver training it is fully possible to achieve fuel savings of up to 10%. Add to that increased passenger comfort, which is a direct result of smoother driving.

Factory or retrofit installed

I-Coaching can be factory-installed on your Volvo bus or coach or retrofitted on any Volvo as well as other brands. I-Coaching requires a basic installation of Fleet Management in order to capture and process real-time data.


Driver Training


The driver is your ambassador

A programme that identifies any need for improvement and provides practical training for bus and coach drivers.

Driver Training


Real-time, online follow-up

Fleet management will give cost reductions based on detailed and aggregated real-time data-based information on vehicle usage.

Fleet Management


Increased uptime and efficiency

Volvo Bus Vehicle Management lets you give each vehicle an individual service and maintenance plan for maximum uptime and cost efficiency.

Vehicle Management
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